Saturday, July 1, 2017

Let the parties begin!!

Today the Canadian / US celebrations begin.
This is only on my Facebook group.
Pop over to join in on the fun!!
The rules are super easy…
Everyone can enter !! 
This is an International Giveaway ! 
For the next 4 days there will be 2 games per day…one game to win a Moments Designs pattern of your choice and the second game will have 5 winners ! One winner for each of the Designers listed that day..that is a total of 6 winners per day!
On July 4th we will have 7 Winners! 
That makes a total of 25 prizes!!!
Be sure to stop in everyday and play along!
Lets just have some fun, eh! 
The 6 winners will be picked the following morning ( after I have had my coffee) by the Random Number thingie. You will be notified which designer you won, then you will let me or my team know which pattern you would like by that designer and the designer will email you the pattern.
Super easy!

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